Program Curriculum

    1. An Introductory Message From The Program Sponsor - Global Innovation Institute

    2. How To Use This Learning Management Platform

    3. Before You Begin - Please Answer These Questions

    1. The Foundational Building Blocks of Corporate Innovation

    2. Pursuing Innovation To Grow Corporate Value

    3. Achieving Innovation Via the Total Innovation Enterprise

    4. Structuring Corporate Innovation Into Our Organization

    1. Why Leadership is Critical for Innovation

    2. Scaling Transformation Through Cascades

    3. It's All About People

    4. Overcoming Lock-In To Innovate

    5. Leveraging Stakeholders to Overcome Resistance to Change

    1. Creating Extraordinary Innovation Centers

    2. Achieving Co-Innovation Via Ecosystems & Platforms

    3. Corporate Innovation Vehicles

    4. Merger Integration and Innovation

    1. Using Engagement To Help Drive Our Innovation Program

    2. The Significance of Diversity to Corporate Innovation

    3. The DNA of Innovation Teams

    4. Using Reinforcement To Sustain Our Innovation Program

    1. How to Approach Strategy to Thrive & Grow With Innovation

    2. Leveraging Differentiation To Grow - The 5Ds

    3. Using White Space to Innovate

    4. Dissemination - Optimizing Our Innovation Investments

    5. The Link Between Innovation and Sustainability

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